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AVNI Managerial Solutions Pvt Ltd

Managerial Solutions is the principal and pioneer initiative of AVNI Brand, to be one of the leading Corporate Advisors in the space of Business Intelligence, catering to the intellectual requirements using the good offices and brand experience. The company supports the vendor as a professional and intellectual guidance to businesses by ensuring process designing, implementation and servicing END to END Solutions.

The Company has interests in providing solutions in the areas of Institutional operations, Marketing and Branding activities, Distribution networks by active use of electronic, Online and offline medium over. The company also shows its interests in identifying the projects that are highly viable with proper assistance Marketing and Sales support. Management also has the interests in Investing in business domains that are highly capable of Market survival and on profitability. Below mentioned are the scope of activities and operations that company shares its interest in taking up Investment into potential businesses.

AVNI Managerial Solutions holds the distribution rights of the product thru direct and indirect channels and provides stable distribution network and marketing support.

Few of our current projects

  • Kart Magic – e-Commerce in Retail Sector
  • Kart Magic is a product of M/s Seller Force Pvt Ltd, operating out an office in Noida which is focusing on development and implementing of ecommerce marketing solutions to the retail Industry. Platforms that can modernize the Web Store and IN-Store Branding along with Smart Edge Advertising strategies, helping small businesses manage their business programmes, online presence and online marketing campaigns.
  • Institute Management Solution – Education Sector
  • Institute Management Solution – a Product of M/s Gait View Technophiles Pvt Ltd, operating out of Hyderabad which is focusing on providing a digital platform to Educational Institutions as an integrated business administrative solution for easy functioning. A right fit product that can be an ideal solution to any institute of any nature and AVNI Managerial Solutions holds the Marketing rights to promote and develop the Business geography by using its distribution network of Direct and In Direct channel strategies.
  • Citrus Checks inn – Time Share and Hospitality Sector
  • Citrus Checks inn – a product of M/s Mirah Hospitality Pvt Ltd having their operations out of Mumbai is a Time share of Hotel rooms inventory to corporate and retail segments across country and intends to sell its membership plans to prospects. AVNI handles the Tele sales department and arrange appointments of prospective subscribers in the Andhra Pradesh market.
  • KST Infotech – Technology Sector
  • A custom designed and customer specific software products and applications for the industry on various business functions, developed and serviced by M/s KST Infotech Pvt ltd operating out of Chennai as a Technology Service provider. AVNI Managerial Solutions hold the Marketing Rights to use its good Distribution networks to promote the solutions in the industry.

Here are the list of products and services offered under Managerial Services accross domains

  • Investment into potential businesses
  • Financial Services Distribution
  • Business Consulting & Market Intelligence
  • Trading and supplies
  • Railway Contracts
  • Business Processes Outsourcing
  • Road shows and campaigning – (Brochure Available)
  • Call Centre Solutions (Outsourcing) – brochure available
  • Marketing and Branding Solutions

What and how we do

Road shows and campaigning

A professional service we provide where we provide a combination of financial/investment advices, accounting/tax services, and legal/estate planning to our clients and customers.

Call Centre Solutions (Outsourcing)

We undertake various contracts and provide services to Indian Railways. Presently we are assoiciated in providing travel and Electrical services.

Business Consulting & Market Intelligence

We provide services and advice companies to run business effectively by finding the available opportunities and increase their productively.

Marketing and Branding Solutions

General & Life Insurance Products, Mutual Fund Services, SIP and Wealth Management are few services we are proficient in.

Business Processes Outsourcing

We provide solutions for outsourcing a ones business and enabling then focus on their core strength to multiply out clients productivity.

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